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Welcome to BeeQuake, the UK'sfastest-growing marketplace

What does BeeQuake Sell?

We're an Online Marketplace

BeeQuake is an online marketplace for Britich Micro Stores. We offer you all the same advantages as the leading marketplaces but in a new way that benefits everyone. 

You'll find everyting that you are looking for here: Afro Caribbean Grocries, Afro Caribbean Food Items, Toy, Household Essentials, books, gifts and more

With our competitive fees, Our sellers can price better, so we can bring you the best products, prices and service possible.

Somewhere in the UK, someone is selling what you’re searching for.


Find an item and compare price, delivery cost, delivery times, seller reviews and warranty


Payments are securely processed by PayPal and eligible orders are backed up by Buyer Protection


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Why shop with BeeQuake?

  • Massive of choice with over 2k products and counting
  • PayPal and Stripe Buyer Protection on eligible orders
  • Shop from thousands of mirco, small to medium businesses from within the UK.
  • We only allow verified reviews for genuine orders
  • Simple, secure checkout powered by PayPal & Stripe
  • Supporting a UK business, helping them to grow 

Is BeeQuake safe?


Our sellers are professionals, so you know you're buying from an established company or sole trader rather than an individual. You can read reviews of our sellers and their products to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

We partnered with PayPal, the world-leading payment system, in 2018 to offer you increased security and protection when using beequake.

Your money and personal details are kept safe: every transaction you make on BeeQuake.com will be protected with PayPal's advanced data encryption and subject to their thorough security checks to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. PayPal securely hold your money until your item is dispatched - and that's not all!

You can shop with all major credit and debit cards through PayPal, and eligible orders are backed up by PayPal Buyer Protection, giving you added security and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BeeQuake safe?

Completely! Transactions are securely processed by Stripe or PayPal and encrypted with their first-class technology. The transaction takes place between you and the BeeQuake seller or BeeQuake and makes it easy. Eligible orders are also backed by PayPal Buyer Protection. We're here to help you get any issues.

Where is BeeQuake based?

We're based in London UK. Our team works remotly to reduce our carbon footprint and for a better working lifestyle. We have no overseas offices diverting funds to other countries.

Where are BeeQuake sellers based?

All of our sellers are based in the UK. We do not allow sellers outside of the UK to join. You can see a seller's address from their storefront - just click their name on the product page.

Why can I buy the same product at different prices?

We're a marketplace and we operate a catalogue system. A product is created then a variety of sellers can come and list on it. This means the price and delivery cost can vary from seller to seller.

Is BeeQuake the same as Amazon?

Yes and no! The way our site works for sellers and buyers is similar to Amazon, but as a seller it's a world apart. We provide marketing and SEO for our sellers to help them grow, as a result our can afford to sell as low as possible without loosing out. Everybody wins.

We've also structured our website to be as clear and informative as possible, to make buying simple and straightforward.

Is BeeQuake legit?

Yep, 100%! BeeQuake is owned by Wahoote LTD a registered business based in the UK and our entire team works from with the UK.

We're a marketplace, and retailer. We only partner with trusted professional businesses and verify sellers before allowing them to sell through our marketplace, all to ensure you have the best possible shopping experience.

What's more, we team up with PayPal and Stripe to offer you a seamless, secure experience. Transactions are securely processed by PayPal and encrypted with their world-class technology. 

You can shop confidently as your orders are backed up with PayPal Buyer Protection for 180 days. The vast majority of orders are without issue, however in the event your order doesn't arrive, it's not what you ordered or it's faulty, you can use PayPal Buyer Protection to get your money back.