When should you start training your child to the bathroom?

When should you start training your child to the bathroom?


What age is best for potty training?

According to the NHS, there is no perfect time to start training your child's to use the toilet. It depends on the child, time and child care support you have in place.

Keep trak of your chil'd's development

Before you venture in the world of potty training, your child should be able to have physical control of his bowels and bladder. As a rough guide, most children can go all night without a stool until they are 1 year old. And they stay dry longer as their bladder grows and develops.

18 and 30 months is usually when parents start potty training. But every child is different and it will help to spot signs that your child is ready.

Make sure its the right time to start

Your child will need your full attention. So it's best to start when you have time and don't expect major changes in your routine.

Get support from your babysitter or even better family members

Compliance with training is very important. You need to make sure that everyone caring for your child does the same exercises, uses the same techniques, and uses the same diapers.

The tell tell signs your child is ready for potty training

This is a good time to potty train your child if you see any of these signs.

Nappies are dryer for longer

According to Pampers, one of the signs is when your child can keep their nappy dry for at least 2 hours. This shows their bladder is developing more capacity and they’re starting to have more control over it.

Has your child's behaviour changed

Keep note of your child’s behavioural changes when they need to use the toilet. They might start to fidget or hide somewhere where they can’t be seen. If they can communicate, they might even tell you they’re having a poo.

They  are  curious about everything toilet

Your child will start showing an interest in what you’re doing when you go to the toilet, this is the perfect chance to encourage them. You can read children’s books together or watch videos that explians in a child-friendly way.

They start removing their own nappy

Experts at NCT say, if your child recognises when they have a wet or dirty nappy they may pull at it, take it off or ask you to change it. This is a good sign that it’s time to switch to pull-up nappies and start training.

Every child's dream is to become more independent

Most children reach a stage where they want to feed and pull themselves. If they can pull up and down their own pants or leggings, they may be ready to pick up a diaper and learn to use the potty.

They’re speaking with words or movements

your infant may have started telling you, or providing you with alerts, when they’re filling their nappy or need to apply the bathroom.

They already have the skills

When you think about it, go to the bathroom takes skills! You will have more success if your child can walk , pull their own pants and sit as long as it takes them. You can also help them with other skills, such as wiping and handwashing.

Pull-up nappies are the best for potty training

As you are training your child, you will need pull-up napies that are easy to remove from your child.

Pull-up nappies are similar and looks more like regular pants. But they always offer the protection you need — and boy will you need it!

They also have smart features. Take huggies Pull-ups, for example. They have a learning layer that gives the temporary sensation of wet underwear, so your child can learn to tell the difference between wet and dry. And they are printed with a fun design that begins to fade when they are walking, so there is an incentive to your child to keep them dry.

For older children, Drynite pajama pants are perfect to help with the nightbed bed. They are strong, comfortable and designed to look and feel like ordinary underwear. But they offer protection where it is most necessary, with designs for boys and girls.

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