Myrrh Essential Oil, 100% Pure, for Aromatherapy, Massage, Diffusers & Bath - 5ml, Free E-Book Included

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  • ? Myrrh Essential Oil: Ancient monks used the sap of the tree to treat a range of health issues, such as headaches, bacterial infections, arthritis pain, and as a health tonic.
  • ? Produces a warm, woody, earthy, and balsamic aroma, that is emotionally balancing. It clears the mind of worries, negative emotions, and promotes psychological health. During meditation and spiritual practices, it is said to connect us to our inner selves.
  • ? Highly effective in soothing a sore throat or chest congestion. Inhaling vapours infused with this oil clears the respiratory tract and supports mucus drainage in cases of cold, cough, and sinus blockage.
  • ? Myrrh essential oil is produced from the Commiphora myrrha trees located in East India. The tree barks are cut to extract the sap, which hardens in the shape of granular beads. These beads are crushed to powder form and steam distilled to produce a thick, viscous, amber-coloured Myrrh essential oil.
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