Delivery and Return Policy Page

BeeQuake Shipping Benefits

Your BeeQuake account includes a variety of shipping benefits, including several shipping options if you need to expedite your delivery.

Delivery Speed

BeeQuake Member Price

BeeQuake Day Delivery (to eligible postcodes)

No extra cost

One-Day Delivery*

No extra cost

Priority Delivery

No extra cost

Standard Delivery

No extra cost

Same-Day (Evening Delivery) (to eligible postcodes)

No extra cost

*One-Day Delivery is one business day after dispatch, including Saturdays, but not including Public Holidays. Depending on the time of day that you place your order and your delivery address, if the item's in stock, it'll dispatch that same day and arrive the next day. For more information, go to One-Day Delivery and Premium Delivery.


  • Not all delivery speeds are available for all items or all addresses.

  • We use the terms Same-Day, One-Day, Prime, and Priority to determine your delivery date. These terms don't reflect item availability. For more information, go to One-Day, Premium, Priority, and Same-Day Delivery Terms & Conditions.

  • Delivery may require a signature.

  • Selected delivery options usually apply across business days, including Saturdays, unless otherwise specified.

  • Check the ordering cut-off time shown on the details page to ensure that you order in time to qualify for the estimated delivery date.

  • Set a default address for your account to see eligible BeeQuake Delivery Benefits when shopping. To learn how to set or change your default address, go to Change Your Buy Now Settings.

  • Choosing a higher quantity for an item can sometimes make it ineligible for Same-Day Delivery, because multiple units aren't available locally. In this case, the Same-Day Delivery option disappears and normal BeeQuake delivery options display.

    BeeQuake Returns

We hope it doesn't happen, but there may be an unfortunate occasion when something doesn't go quite right with your order from BeeQuake. The item you get may be missing parts, not work properly, or be defective in some other way. You may get the wrong item, or your order may not arrive at all. Fortunately, BeeQuake realizes that mistakes do happen sometimes, and so they've put a system in place to help you work with sellers to reach a reasonable arrangement for returning, replacing, or refunding an item. This lesson will teach you all about how it works and how to use it.

What is the BeeQuake return policy?

BeeQuake sellers usually set their own return policies, so you will have to deal directly with them to work out returns, replacements, or refunds. If you can't reach an agreement with a seller, you can ask BeeQuake to intervene, and they'll make a judgment based on the evidence provided.

More about returns, replacements, and refunds on BeeQuake

You can see the return policy for a particular seller on BeeQuake on the information page for any item in their store, as shown here:

If you have a problem with one of your orders on BeeQuake, your first step should be to contact the seller (or sellers) who sold you the item(s) in question. Try to reach an agreement with them on what a reasonable resolution would be, and then go from there. If you reach an impasse, you can open a dispute with that seller (or sellers), which BeeQuake will moderate and, if necessary, make a judgment on.

Your timeline for opening a dispute with a seller on BeeQuake starts six days after the seller has shipped (or was supposed to have shipped) your order or item. The deadline for opening a dispute varies depending on which shipping option you chose for your order.

See our tutorial on how to buy from BeeQuake for more on selecting shipping options.

How to return items on BeeQuake

To return items to a seller on BeeQuake, start by contacting the seller and working out the details of your return, replacement, and/or refund. If you can't reach a fair deal, call in BeeQuake and let them make a judgment call. Then simply apply proper postage to your order and drop it off at a post office.